A linter for your database

Databases are hard. And even more as you scale. How do you make sure everything is great and consistent? Guidelines? Reviews?

Azimutt is not the silver bullet (especially as this part is just starting) but still can help a lot (at least, helped on every tested database yet).

Having the whole database schema as a data structure, it's quite easy to check simple rules at scale, exactly what is really hard for human beings. Azimutt will highlight:

  • Tables without primary keys: probably a mistake, at least worth checking if expected.
  • Missing foreign keys: it's good to have them most of the time, at least adding relations in Azimutt will help navigation.
  • Column type inconsistencies: they always appear over time, when different people work on different parts.
  • Tables that are too big and could be worth splitting.

If you have other ideas to implement, come discuss with us. We are looking forward to extend this a lot!

In the meantime, use Azimutt scripting to perform all the analysis you need 🎉