Azimutt has plenty of features

We gathered here the most interesting features just for you. If you have any question, suggestion or miss something, don't hesitate to reach at us.
We love helping our users.

An ERD that scales

Avoid unreadable diagram, choose what's displayed: tables, columns, relations, order...

Design fast with AML

Minimal, intuitive & permissive DSL to design your database at your typing speed.

Document and showcase

Table and column notes for documentations, layout memos visual indications.

A linter for your database

Azimutt analysis will point you inconsistencies and possible improvements in your schema.

Works with any database

Relational and Document ones natively, but easily extended through JSON.

Show to the world

Embed your diagram wherever you want, secretly share with anyone.

Path between tables

When you don't know the path, Azimutt will. Choose the right one.

Explore following relations

Find your starting point, then navigate from it: in and out relations.

Collaborate with your peers

Solo investigation is cool, but sharing findings with others is even better.

Data access on demand

When the schema is not enough, go deeper, digging in real data.

Made for developers

Scriptable tools unleash tremendous power. You have no limit.

Best in class support

We're eager to help you succeed, reach out for a friendly help.