Works with any database

Working with relational databases is natural for an entity-relationship diagram. Azimutt also extends to document databases and more...

Azimutt has its own SQL parser, very flexible and tolerant to work with most of SQL dialects. We tested it with PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle dialects. But if you have other databases like SQLite or MariaDB you should have no problem.

Then we added a schema inference for json collections as well as nested columns; making document databases such as MongoDB and Couchbase explorable in Azimutt. More will come but don't hesitate to ping us about this.

Finally, we defined a JSON format to import schemas into Azimutt for whatever you want. If you can format it as entities and relations, you can explore it in Azimutt! It could be a REST API (we may add Open Api support at some point) or anything else we didn't even though about ;)

Ok, the screenshot relations doesn't make sense ^^ They are just here to showcase ;)