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Everything you need to explore and understand your database, like never before.

  • Schema & Data exploration
  • Database design with AML
  • Unlimited tables
  • 2 projects with 2 layouts of 10 tables
  • 2 collaborators
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Based on your specific needs and context we build a custom pricing just for you.

  • Everything from explorer plan, unlimited!
  • Database diagnostic & performance
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Unlimited documentation
  • A great roadmap ahead with AI... 😉
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Frequently asked questions

Which databases are supported?

Azimutt is not tied to a specific database. If they can fit in an entity-relationship model, it's great for Azimutt. Still, some have full-support and other will need more work to integrate. Most common ones like PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Couchbase, Snowflake, BigQuery and more are supported using database connection, you only need to provide your connection url. Any SQL schema is supported as well, so PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server and others very easy to integrate. For the others, you need to extract their schema and format it as JSON to load it into Azimutt. The CLI has a JSON schema inference to help with this if you need. Don't hesitate to reach out for any help with this 😉

What about data privacy?

We take data privacy very seriously and offer several ways around it. The code is Open Source, you can freely audit it to see what we do with your data (ie: nothing!). You can choose to share your database connection or just import the schema of the tables you want. Parsing the schema is done in browser, you can choose to keep your project local so Azimutt servers will never see your data. And finally, you can host yourself an Azimutt instance.