Explore your database without a headache.

Search on tables, columns, relations and comments. Display only what is useful. Follow relations in one click. Find paths between tables. Document. Analyse. Fly!

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Did you ever find yourself lost in your database?

Discover how Azimutt will help you understand it.

Explore your database schema

Not everyone has the opportunity to work on brand new application where you create everything, including the data model. Many developers evolve and maintain existing applications with an already big schema, sometimes more than 50, 100 or even 500 tables.
Finding the right tables and relations to work with can be hard, and sincerely, no tool really helps. Until now.

Azimutt allows you to explore your schema: search for relevant tables, follow the relations, hide less interesting columns and even find the paths between tables.

Basic schema by Azimutt

See what you need

Good understanding starts with a good visualization. Azimutt is the only Entity-Relationship diagram that let you choose what you want to see and how.

search everywhere

show, hide and organize tables

show, hide and sort columns

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Follow your mind

Relational databases are made of, well, relations.
Did you ever wanted to see what is on the other side of a relation ? With Azimutt, it's just one click away 🤩
And there's more, how do you see incoming relations ? Azimutt list all of them and is able to show one, many or all of them in just two clicks! 😍

outgoing relations

incoming relations

Follow your mind

Context switch like a pro

Do you like throwing away your work ? Me neither. And Azimutt has you covered on this. Once you have finished an investigation, save your meaningful diagram as a layout so you can come back to it later and even improve it.
Your colleagues will be jealous, until you tell them about Azimutt ❤️

Context switch

Let Azimutt drive you

Sometimes, easily following relations is not enough, especially when you don't know in which direction to go. And looking at every possible relation can be tedious. So let's grab a 🍹 drink and watch Azimutt do the work for you.
It will look for every relation and build possible paths between two tables you want to join. And as it is helpful, it will even build the SQL request for you with all the needed joins.

I'm hooked!
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People ❤️ Azimutt

Still not convinced? Just hear out our early adopters. They love it! Try Azimutt and give us your feedback. So if it's not yet perfect for you, it will be soon...

Save hours for the price of minutes!

Start exploring for free, collaborate with a team, and analyse your database !


The basics for individuals and organizations for free.


  • Unlimited Tables
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Up to 3 layouts per project
  • Share with up to 3 people
  • Limited database analysis
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Advanced collaboration for individuals and organizations.

$13 / month / user

  • Everything included in Free, plus...
  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Full schema analysis
  • Layout customization
  • Database access
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Security, compliance, and flexible integration.

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  • Everything included in Pro, plus...
  • SSO
  • End to end encryption
  • Rights management
  • Audit logs
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