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The Database Schema Gallery

Discover great database examples, for inspiration or learning. Azimutt has gathered great examples just for you!


4 tables

A very simple schema, with only 4 tables to start playing with all the Azimutt features. It's not much but it's enough. Don't lose time understanding all the subtleties of a specific database just to experiment this new shinny Entity Relationship Diagram tool.

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10 tables

A schema designed with AML representing some basic tables to build an e-commerce website. It's really simple to understand quickly and showcase perfectly the effectiveness of AML to design your database quickly and easily.

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12 tables

Of course you know WordPress. It's the most popular CMS to build blogs and much more. But did you already have a look at its database? Don't you think it would be cool to understand how those millions of blogs are stored?

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16 tables

This is the schema of the sample database created when created an account on Capella (Couchbase in the cloud). It showcases well how Azimutt is able to extract and let you explore what is inside your Couchbase database.

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Gladys Assistant

21 tables

Gladys is a privacy-first, open-source home assistant. With the rise of home automation it's great to have an independent tool like this. And for us, it's a great opportunity to learn how all these automation, workflow and devices are stored.

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22 tables

These are the sample databases created on Atlas (MongoDB in the cloud) when you ask for sample data. This show how well Azimutt support document databases and MongoDB specifically, the schema being defined by sample values in each collection.

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26 tables

Which developer never thought of building a website to manage conferences and talks? Here is the perfect example with groups, events, talks and more. This can be a quite generic example to build several kind of services for people and companies.

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53 tables

The Azimutt database schema documented in Azimutt 🤩 If you are wondering what Azimutt is storing and how, here is the easiest way to figure out! It's very basic as most of the things are done in the browser beside user and organization management.

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69 tables

Mastodon is a decentralized social network. You can host your own instance or join an existing one. It's a popular Twitter alternative.

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76 tables

Drupal is software that allows individuals and communities of users to easily publish, manage, and organize a wide range of content on a website.

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201 tables

If you ever need to explore PostgreSQL internals to extract metadata and automate things, this example is a must-have. It comes with all the tables from the schema storing database structure but also with build-in documentation and relations.

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390 tables

Adobe Commerce uses AI and advanced data sharing capabilities to create end-to-end personalized B2C and B2B commerce experiences from a single platform that is flexible, extensible, and scalable.

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803 tables

From planning to production, GitLab brings teams together to shorten cycle times, reduce costs, strengthen security, and increase developer productivity.

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Add your own schema here! Make it visible and easily explorable.

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