Document and showcase

"Documentation is a love letter that your write to your future self" said Damian Conway. Agree or not, Azimutt provide awesome tools for it 😍

Let's be honest, table and column names are often not enough to understand well what is stored, how it works and should be used.

We all don't like to write a lot of documentation, but leaving some contextual notes for the next users could save them a lot of pain.

Azimutt have 3 ways for this:

  • SQL comments: they are read only from your database schema, if you have some or want to add some, that's awesome!
  • Notes: they are like SQL comments, on tables or columns, but stored in Azimutt instead of the database. Easier to add/edit!
  • Memos: free markdown text floating in layouts. Ideal for visual notes or content not related to just one table or column.