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Azimutt v2

by Loïc Knuchel on

Hello you!

Very happy to see you there to share with us this big moment.

Azimutt started in June 2021, as an experimental side project to ease the exploration of big database schema (hundreds of tables). No tool were able to provide a smooth experience for such use case, so I built it with few core features:

  • display only what you need (chosen tables, columns and relations)
  • global search in every attribute (find starting point)
  • follow relations, outgoing but also incoming ones
  • save defined layouts for later

Schema viz screenshot

Since then, it has grown a lot. In terms of features but also in adoption. At the time of writing you are 357 following @azimuttapp and 329 to have stared us on GitHub ❤️. But I also see more and more developers using it at Doctolib (where I work) but also in other companies, in France and all over the world: Germany, Italy, Brazil, India, Egypt, Austria and of course USA and much more. I never imagined that and couldn’t be happier that Azimutt is helping developers all around the world 🌍️

In this first year Azimutt has grown from pure exploration into a more capable tool to help you understand better your database. From exploration to design, documentation and even analysis. Here are the big milestones we achieved in terms of capabilities:

  • find relevant path from a table to another
  • extend or design from scratch your database with our own AML language
  • attach documentation to any table or column
  • identify common design smells in your database schema

Azimutt is now a powerful tool I enjoy using regularly but, as we covered more use cases, we still missed a huge feature: team collaboration. Until now, even if provided through your browser, Azimutt was a local tool. Everything happens in your browser, from reading and parsing your SQL, saving your diagram for later reuse. In fact, we didn’t even have a server. As strange as it may seem for such an app, Azimutt was just a static website 🤯

Today I’m proud to announce that we left this early stage phase and are ready to commit to a real product used by individuals, teams and entire companies. Our mission is to create the first ultimate tool understand your database.

Azimutt home page

The road is still long ahead of us, but today we are introducing this long awaited team collaboration. You can now create your account, create your organization and invite people to collaborate on your projects. We hope you will be able to leverage Azimutt to unlock developer productivity, but not only. Many Azimutt users are data analysts/engineers/scientists, architects or even product managers. Whoever needs to understand how their database works/stores will most likely be a happy user of Azimutt.

The next big thing we want to tackle, beside always polishing existing features, is the database connection. It’s great to swim like a fish in your database schema but doing this with real data access will be the next level to heaven. Of course, privacy is always our primary concern. Everything will be carefully handled and well explained and if you see possible improvements, please let us know.

We also have a lot of other features in mind, and we know we can trust you for your feedback to continually improve it. Here are some that we have in mind:

  • sticky notes: have free floating documentation, not attached to tables or columns
  • nested columns: so you can load and explore document databases or REST APIs
  • table groups: to define contexts and simplify big diagrams

Azimutt mind map

It’s an understatement to say that we are very excited for all this and much more. And we are very happy to do all this with this great community of supporters.

Much love, see you soon! ❤️

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